Universal Pads, 15" x 19"

Universal Pads - 15" x 19"

  • $56.00

Product Information

These grey pads are made of standard melt-blown polypropylene. The fibrous texture grabs both non-aggressive fluids and aggressive fluids (dyes, paint, glue, crude oil, resin and  varnish) and brings them into the center of the mat.

The Universal Pads are offered in three different thicknesses - light, medium and heavy. 

  • Pad Size: 15" x 19"
  • Color: Grey
  • Light - 200/case; absorbs 44 gallons per case
  • Medium - 100/case; absorbs 25 gallons per case
  • Heavy - 100/case; absorbs 28 gallons per case

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