Siltsack - Type C

  • $95.00

Product Information

The Type C Siltsack is the newest addition to the Siltsack family. It offers the same permeable geotextile as a High Flow Siltsack but features an adjustable frame to fit almost any size grate! This unique new design allows for quicker installation and reuse over multiple grate sizes. Like the Siltsacks Type A and B, it is a cost-effective temporary catch basin filter that removes sediment, trash and debris from entering a catch basin.

  • Manufactured with a high flow, woven polypropylene geotextile and sewn by a double needle machine using high strength nylon
  • Adjusts to fit grate sizes from 16" x 20" up to 26" x 32" and 21" x 21" up to 37" x 37"
  • Overflow built in to design
  • Color: High visibility yellow
  • 3' depth
  • Should be cleaned and inspected regularly and after every major weather event
  • Reusable

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