Siltsack - Type B (includes curb deflector)

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Product Information

The Type B Siltsack is a sediment control device designed for combination drains where a drop inlet is coupled with a curb inlet. The Siltsack is made of a permeable geotextile that allows stormwater to filter through while preventing silt and sediment from clogging the drain system.

The Type B Siltsack features a built-in curb deflector, allowing it to protect both the drop and curb inlet at the same time. Siltsack can be used as a primary or secondary sediment control device and must be maintained on a regular basis to function properly. Optional overflow holes are offered to make the Siltsack effective even in the most extreme weather events. Routine inspection of a Siltsack’s collected sediment level is important to prevent “ponding” around storm drains.

A Siltsack can be emptied and re-used for the life of the construction project if well maintained.

Siltsack Options (click to visit other pages):

Type A (original Siltsack) - high-visibility

Type B (original Siltsack with curb deflector) - high-visibility

Type C (original Siltsack with an adjustable metal frame) - high-visibility


  • Color: High visibility yellow fabric
  • 3' depth
  • Lifting loops attached to help lift from the inlet
  • Dump straps attached to bottom to facilitate sediment emptying
  • Restraint cord keeps sides away from catch basin walls and serves as visual indicator to empty the SiltSack
  • Regular maintenance required, especially after major weather events
  • curb deflector

Advantages / Benefits:

  • Reusable (if maintained)
  • US Patented
  • Easy to install and economical
  • Custom units / sizes available
  • Cleanup of the product made easy with our design
  • Manufactured with quality materials

This product is a simple and cost-effective solution to prevent clogging of catch basins. Designed to be a great flood management mechanism used to avoid the intrusion into the drainage system of silt and flood. The silt and sand are trapped by siltsack but allows water to flow through the drain. to avoid drainage system collapse due to silt sedimentation clogging, These may be used as a main or secondary sediment control unit. maintenance of the siltsack on a daily basis would ensure the proper operation of the product.

Siltsack can be used to avoid the intrusion of silt and sediment into the drainage system by trapping the silt and sediment while allowing the free flow of water. To avoid the collapse of your drainage system due to clogging, siltsack can be used as a main or secondary sediment control method. To function properly, it must be sustained on a daily basis. Available in both high flow and normal flow. A redesigned siltsack is also available to avoid sand and debris from entering through curb openings with a curb opening deflector attached. Siltsack is a product of consistency meant to save time and money. To stop ponding around storm drains, regular inspection of an accumulated sediment level is important.

When working on a project where you may be dealing with a heavy amount of run off and debris during storms a silt sack is the perfect way to ensure that inlets are protected. 

It’s important to remember that these BMP’s are not optional. On every jobsite BMP's act as the last line of defense in protecting nearby bodies of water (filtering sediment out of catch basins). When choosing a high quality temporary Inlet Protection BMP, there are many questions you should consider such as stormwater regulations and how effective it is.

You can always trust that the products here at BMP store will meet regulation and everything we make is made to last. 

Siltsacks are a below the grate drop inlet filter bag and one of our most popular sellers. These temporary filter bags can be easily removed and re-used throughout the life of a project (as long as they are emptied at regular intervals and properly maintained). 


We highly suggest following recommended maintenance schedules and monitoring the BMPs, especially after heavy storm events. Higher than normal amounts of runoff can create the need for increased maintenance. Any inlet protection device that is not properly maintained may become damaged or clogged, causing unnecessary concerns. 


Many of our products are DOT, state and/or locally approved by governing regulatory agencies. For information on which products are approved in your area, email us at 

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Type A Siltsack Installation & Maintenance Video  

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