Pop Up Pool - Plus (catch leaks)

  • $79.00

Product Information

Easily store this pop up containment pool and unroll the bladder and pop up the pool when needed to catch large leaks!

The Pop Up Pool - Plus is similar to the regular Pop Up Pool but also includes a bladder compartment that provides additional capacity and automatically expands as the liquid level in the pool rises.

The addition of the bladder helps to further minimize the chance of spillage and the exposure of hazardous material into the environment.


  • damaged saddle tanks
  • cross-over lines
  • hazmat spills
  • leaking containers, machinery and piping


The Pop Up Pool Plus is made of material (10 oz polyethylene) with excellent chemical resistance, including against diesel fuel, antifreeze, acids, caustics and corrosives. 

Check out our Pop Up Pool Cab Mount for a storage option. 

  • 20 Gallon - Deployed dimensions 18" x 58" x 5"
  • 66 Gallon - Deployed dimensions 60" x 58" x 5"
  • 150 Gallon - Deployed dimensions 144" x 58" x 5"
  • All units shipping dimensions are 4" x 4" x 18"

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