Siltsack - High-Flow - Type A

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Product Information

Siltsack is a sediment control device made with a permeable geotextile fabric that can handle strong surges of stormwater. The unique design allows water pass through the catch basin filter while filtering stormwater runoff and preventing silt and sedimentation from clogging the drain system.

Routine inspection of a Siltsack’s collected sediment level is important to prevent “ponding” around storm drains.

A Siltsack can be emptied and re-used for the life of the construction project if well maintained.

Siltsack Options (click to visit other pages):

Type A (original Siltsack) - high-visibility

Type B (original Siltsack with curb deflector) - high-visibility

Type C (original Siltsack with an adjustable metal frame) - high-visibility


  • Color: High visibility yellow fabric
  • 3' depth
  • Lifting loops attached to help lift from the inlet
  • Dump straps attached to bottom to facilitate sediment emptying
  • Restraint cord keeps sides away from catch basin walls and serves as visual indicator to empty the SiltSack
  • Regular maintenance required, especially after major weather events

Advantages / Benefits:

  • Reusable (if maintained)
  • US Patented
  • Easy to install and economical
  • Custom units / sizes available
  • Cleanup of the product made easy with our design
  • Manufactured with quality materials

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Type A Siltsack Installation & Maintenance Video  

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