Gravel Bags

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Product Information

These industry-standard polypropylene fabric bags can provide quick sediment and erosion control. A necessary BMP, these gravel bags are a staple at any site or project, as they prevent runoff and contamination. The bags come in numerous sizes, depending on which size a construction site requires. Their heavy-duty material allows them to be used for years, as the bags feature a high UV rating and burst strength resistance.

Product Specs:

  • Material: Woven Polypropylene fabric
  • Color: Brown or Green
  • Dimensions: 11" x 48"
  • Weight: 30-60 pounds (once filled)
  • Quantity: 250 bags/box
  • Other Varieties: 11" x 96" (125 bags/box) and 19" x 28" (250 bags/box)


  • Weather-resistant, durable polypropylene material
  • Ultraviolet resistance, ensuring years of usage
  • High burst strength prevents water contamination
  • Can be filled with gravel or small rocks, per project needs
  • Are quick to install, with numerous construction site applications
  • The strong woven structure allows for multi-year usage in a variety of conditions 
  • Can withstand being driven over by heavy equipment
  • Available in quantities of 125 and 250, depending on size specifications


Regulations Product Assists in Meeting:

  • Ultraviolet resistance rating in conformance with ASTM designation D4355
  • Burst strength in conformance with ASTM designation D378

About The BMP Store's Gravel Bags

These heavy-duty bags provide quick, sufficient sediment and erosion control. They also meet regulatory requirements for both stormwater and erosion control. The various sizes of the heavy-duty gravel bags allow the user to fill them up with as much or as little gravel or aggregate (not included) as the application or project requires. The industry-standard build of the product will ensure your site is up to regulatory standards. 

Durable and sturdy, these bags are made of polymer material. They do not suffer from the issues that other bags with loosely-sewn edges do. They are durable enough to survive being driven over and malleable enough to adapt to your on-site needs. 

This product also features a high UV rating, which means they will last long at a site, able to withstand years worth of UV rays. 

Before construction, users should test the bags to determine whether the aggregate used is appropriate for preventing runoff. For bags used in previous projects, users should perform a quick inspection before placing, ensuring that there are no tears or holes in the product. 

Bags with holes or tears should be discarded and swapped out for a new product to prevent runoff or waste. 

The bag can be filled to meet project needs, meaning it can be as full or empty as needed, as long as it complies with EPA regulations. 

Appropriate Applications 

Gravel bags can help construction crews create their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in compliance with EPA guidelines and regulations. They can prevent runoff material from polluting water sources, such as storm drains, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies.

Users should place gravel bags anywhere runoff could occur. Recommended applications include the following:

  • Around drain grates or storm drains
  • Surrounding the site's perimeter
  • On a hillside or slope, if the site is on higher ground
  • Buffering or surrounding a curb inlet
  • Blocking any major waterway near the construction site
  • To direct the flow of runoff away from water sources
  • For making a temporary check dam around sloped roadways
  • Surrounding stockpiles and temporary spoil areas
  • Protecting exposed topsoil or clearings 
  • Creating a temporary sediment basin that will not contaminate local water

Disclaimer: If using these bags around flammable liquids, please consider the regulations that apply to the storage and handling of flammable liquids and the application's safety. This disclaimer refers explicitly to flammable vapors, static discharge, and heat sources. 

The BMP Store's Purpose

At the BMP Store, we provide equipment that will help to preserve the environment. Our bags can hold 30-60 pounds of gravel, depending on project needs. The BMP Store’s bags will prevent runoff from occurring if placed around areas that are susceptible to runoff.

All BMPs sold at The BMP Store follow EPA regulations. Since BMPs act as the last line of defense when a spill or accident occurs, our gravel bags are made to withstand runoff incidents.

The BMP Store's BMPs are safe, efficient and offer construction sites continuous protection from equipment leaks or spills. Everything provided on our site meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations, including our gravel bag products. Our bags will offer the protection required to prevent runoff, water contamination, and soil damage. 


Looking for Different Ways to Prevent Runoff?

All of The BMP Store's runoff prevention equipment is regulated to meet EPA standards. We offer not only gravel bags but also Gutterbuddies, Guttergators, Rockin Filters, and Econocurbs. 

If further information is required, please contact us at 800.644.9223, or email us at 

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