Grate Pyramid

  • $225.00

Product Information

Our Grate Pyramid is a reusable inlet protection device that forms a sturdy barricade over most drop inlets. The high flow filter skirt prevents sediment and debris from entering the drain while still allowing water to pass through. The skirt is reusable and replaceable when necessary. Built-in overflow prevents ponding during major wet weather events.

The easy installation of Grate Pyramid provides huge cost savings over the typical wood frame and fabric units. Once construction is complete, the unit can be cleaned and stored for reuse.

Details (Grate Pyramid Type A)
  • Manufactured with aluminum frame and woven polypropylene geotextile filter
  • Should be a minimum of 2" larger than inlet grate (both length and width)
  • Reusable
  • Color: High visibility orange
  • Should be cleaned and inspected regularly and after every major weather event

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