Dirtbag Dewatering Bag

  • $45.00

Product Information

High-Quality Dewatering Bags

Dirtbag dewatering bags remove silt, sand, and other debris from pumped water. They easily attach to the pump discharge hose to protect the surrounding area from erosion, sediment displacement, and pollution of receiving water and storm sewers.

Each standard Dirtbag has a fill spout large enough to accommodate a 4” discharge hose and includes sewn-in attachment straps. To increase the effectiveness of Dirtbag’s filtration system, ACF Environmental recommends placing the product on a bed of hay bales or aggregate. This maximizes water flow through the surface area of the bag. Under most circumstances, Dirtbags can pass 500 gallons of water/minute. Dirtbag dewatering bags are full when they no longer can efficiently filter sediment or pass water at a reasonable rate.

**Disclaimer: Dirtbags must be monitored at all times during use (over-filling may cause rupture)**


  • Size: multiple, custom available upon request
  • Material: heavy-duty non-woven geotextiles (resistant to UV damage)
  • Added feature: 4" discharge hose connection (hose not included)
  • Color: black

    BMP Store is an ACF Environmental company. To learn more about Dirtbags, visit ACF Environmental here.

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