GrateGator - HD

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Product Information

GrateGator is an innovative “above the grate” stormwater filter designed to remove sediment and debris from as it enters the catch basin. Manufactured with a durable, high-flow multi-dimensional filter, it offers superior flow rates. With built-in overflow protection, the product is efficient at filtering out contaminants while allowing bypass during heavy rain or extreme weather events.

This product is reusable and can be cleaned and reused for the life of a project.


  • Manufactured with a woven polypropylene geotextile and sewn by a double needle machine using high strength nylon
  • Includes a reinforced base and is more durable
  • Connects to grate using toggle bolts (with no lifting of the grate)
  • Reusable
  • Color: Black and high visibility yellow
  • Should be cleaned and inspected regularly and after every major weather event
  • Store out of direct sunlight when not in use

GrateGator Full Product Line:

  • Type A: Slides over the grate with an elastic skirt and includes a flip top for maintenance.
  • Type B: Attaches to the grate with high strength magnets (no lifting of the grate necessary)
  • Type C: Attaches to the grate with high strength magnets and has a collapsible overflow that offers vertical containment and will also collapse under vehicle traffic.
  • GrateGator HD: Includes a reinforced base and is more durable. Connects to grate using toggle bolts (with no lifting of the grate).

Easy To Install And Completely Reusable Stormwater Filter

When you’re on a project you are going to be seeking out a stormwater filter with a simple installation process, an easy removal process, and give you the most value for what you’re paying. With BMP Store GrateGator products that is exactly what you are going to receive.

Our GrateGator stormwater filter is designed to easily be installed right above the grate you are placing it in so you can spend less time worrying about the gutter and more on your project. Do you need to actually get under the grate? We offer other tools to make this process even easier, such as the grate hook and grate lifter. 

The GrateGator is not only lightweight but durable so you don’t have to worry about it being a one-use item. This is an easy to clean and reusable product. Once a project has been completed it should be able to be moved to different locations with relative ease

Customize It To Your Project

No project is the same and at BMP Store we understand this so we offer you alternative ways to use many of our products. With the GrateGator stormwater filter, we offer optional overflows and curb inlet filters. If the standard GrateGator product doesn’t fit your needs then these changes can be applied to fit your situation.

If you are in need of any other customizations or have a unique situation for your project then you can always contact usSome of our products can be changed to fit different project scenarios, or we can point you to a different product that will be a better fit

Contact BMP with questions

BMP’s are not optional. They are required. Everything we offer at BMP Store will meet codes and follow regulations set forth by the Clean Water Act.

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