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TrapBag is an economic and easy-to-install, self-erecting, cellular barrier bag capable of replacing sandbags for both emergency and non-emergency situations. The product is comprised of a series of pentagon-shaped bags that are sloped on one side, vertical on the opposite side and open at the top for filling. The cells are meant to be connected side by side like an accordion and are easily collapsed when stored.

A benefit that TrapBag has over traditional sandbags, is that they use 40% less fill material than a stacked sandbag wall. A single 100 ft section of 4ft high TrapBag can also replace 8,000 sandbags, making TrapBag a viable solution in place of sandbags.

Size: Product available in 2' high x 50' long and 4' high x 50' long sections. 

Applications TrapBag is often used for:

  • Flash floods
  • Beach erosion
  • Mudslide redirection
  • Storm surges
  • Levee breaching
  • Cofferdam structures
  • Check dams
  • MSE walls
  • Riverbank stabilization
  • Chemical / oil spill control

Key advantages:

  • Easy to store and transport
  • Economical in both cost, installation labor and lifespan
  • Can be temporary or permanent when filled with concrete
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Utilizes 40% less fill material than sandbags

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