Stormwater Management

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Ensuring stormwater regulations are met is a critical concern for both construction job sites and municipalities. Regulations may vary from state to state but are necessary to protect local bodies of water from trash, debris, and other detrimental pollutants. 

While there are various temporary and permanent inlet protection products or BMPs available to meet your needs on BMP Store, additional options can be found on the ACF Environmental website (our parent company). 

Benefits of Stormwater Runoff Management in Construction

The EPA highlights the following five benefits of an effective stormwater runoff management program for construction companies:

  1. Protection of wetlands and freshwater ecosystems.
  2. Improved quality and conservation of water resources.
  3. Protection of public health.
  4. Flooding control.

We’ll cover a few of our top selling products across both sites below. 

Permanent Catch Basin Filtration

Below Ground:

Trash, debris, sediment and other pollutants often get washed from the street into our storm drains or catch basins. Without proper filtration, these items are carried into local bodies of water - the same water that we drink or swim in. In order to protect our water, permanent devices like the Trash Guard Plus or Gratemaster are often used to trap these pollutants as soon as they enter the drain.

Trash Guard Plus is a permanent filtration screen device that is installed against the wall of the catch basin. This device comes in three sizes for both existing and newly formed catch basins as long as the discharge pipe is 24 inches or less in diameter. In addition, all three screen sizes can be adjusted when installed to accommodate stormwater events with a low flow (of 10+ cfs).

Gratemaster is a drop inlet filter with an adjustable frame to allow for an easier installation process. This heavy-duty filter bag is easy to snap out and empty when necessary.  

Above Ground:

Trash Racks are lightweight debris cages often featured on precast concrete outlet structures in retention ponds, spillways, outfalls, etc. for stormwater debris filtration purposes. These devices are fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to provide a durable and corrosion-resistant BMP. Our trash racks also come standard with a lockable access hatch to provide easy access when necessary. We are able to coat the aluminum in various colors for an additional fee. Due to the size and weight of these devices, online ordering is not available. Please email or call our team for assistance placing an order.

Additional Stormwater Management Products & Solutions

The following stormwater management solutions are not available on the BMP store website, but can be found on our ACF Environmental site 

  • Permeable / Porous PavingWe offer paver, grass and gravel permeable / porous options for access roads, parking lots, fields, pathways, trails and more. 
  • Underground Stormwater Storage: Products like Trash Guard Plus are often used in conjunction with our R-Tank underground stormwater storage / detention system. This system offers various modules, with many modules rated for load support. 
  • Pretreatment: Pretreatment is a critical component of most stormwater management systems and should never be overlooked. By keeping pretreatment and maintenance in mind during the design process, systems will be better protected and experience longer lifespans. 
  • Filtration: While bioretention ponds have been a popular option for years, ACF offers FocalPoint biofiltration system which is an ideal solution for urban locations needing the benefits of a bioretention pond in a tenth of the space.
  • Drainage: Various drainage options are available ranging from simple solutions like PE pipe to Sitedrain and EGRP. 

Contact Us

If you need any assistance selecting the product for a stormwater management system, or have questions on product approvals, reach out to our team for assistance at (800) 644-9223 or Depending on the product, custom sizes and colors may be available. 

Please note that due to the fact that some of our products are large in size or heavy-weight, we may require the order placed over the phone in order to assist you in obtaining the least expensive shipping (often by freight). We apologize for any inconvenience - but, we want to make this purchase as cost-effective as possible for you.