Containment Sump 550 (for 550 gallon tank)

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Proper storage for chemical tanks, oil tanks, petroleum tanks, fuel tanks, and tanks for other hazardous materials is critical and heavily regulated. Our Containment Sump 1000 can withstand harsh environments that can lead to erosion or rust due to their construction from LDPE material. This specific containment sump is designed for 1000 gallon cylindrical metallic tanks and has a sump capacity of 1,100 gallons.

Product Specs: 

Material: Linear low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Color: Black

Sump Capacity: 1,100 gallons

Dimensions: Top outside: 149inx64inx33in | Bottom inside: 138inx52in

Weight: 244lbs


  • Black color helps hide dirt and grime
  • Highly resistant to rusting and corrosion
  • Available with optional drain (3/4 inch or 2 inches)

Regulations product assists in meeting:

  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175
  • Helps meet Stormwater Management Regulations - NPDES 40 CFR 122.26 (1999)
  • Upon installation of any new equipment or system:

Users must perform testing before operating the system, determining that it is working as intended and will not release any substance to the environment.

The sump will require retesting after each system's recommended life-cycle to ensure they are optimal for reuse.

  • Follow SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulations.
  • Be aware of the EPA Facility Response Plan (FRP) in case of an emergency.

Disclaimer: Flammables notice - if using this product with flammable liquids, please consider the regulations that apply to storage and handling of flammable liquids and the safety of this application (specifically flammable vapors, static discharge, and heat sources). 

When protecting against leaks from hazardous liquids such as oil, petroleum, fuels, and others, there are few better options than containment sumps. These act as a shell surrounding the cylindrical tanks.

Key Features:

  • Spill treatment, preventing harmful leaks when handling toxic chemicals, oils, and other liquids
  • Structure made out of all-polyethylene that doesn't rust or corrode
  • Enables quick access for waste disposal to be drained
  • Complies with SPCC and EPA Containment Regulations

Containment Sumps surround cylindrical containers of gasoline, oil, and other toxic, toxic liquids that will spill or leak. It allows stormwater to drain in non-spill conditions, thus preventing the spread of those toxic leaks. 

Containment Sumps are an excellent storage and containment choice in outdoor locations because they are constructed from a high-strength. When spills do occur, it is handled by the sumps and other control materials to help clean up the area the spill takes place in. This ensures accidents are avoided and the damage is prevented. They are equipped to treat hazardous or toxic products to minimize contamination and avoid harming the environment. 

BMP's Purpose

BMP's purpose is to provide equipment that will play an essential role in preserving the environment. These containment sumps can contain up to 1000 gallons of liquid and have been quality control tested to ensure that any mistakes or infringement of regulations odes not occur. 

All BMP's Sold at BMP Store follow regulations. These are meant to act as the last line of defense when accidents occur, and these containment sumps make sure that they will not happen because they are made for the specific purpose of preventing spills from spreading.

BMP Store spill containment devices are meant to be efficient, safe and offer continuous protection from oil spills and other oil-filled equipment-based leaks. Everything we sell is built to the standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) This includes the spill containment sump devices that we offer. It will offer the protection required to prevent spills from turning into disaster situations. There isn't a single other oil storage method that continues to reach this degree of consistent reliability.  

Determine the estimated potential you would require before requiring supplies and appliances at secondary spill containment. Many of our storage systems for leaks avoid water waste and other dangerous substances and chemicals. See BMP Store's range of spill prevention tools and many more for extra security and safety devices outside our spill containment sump.

Looking For Different Kinds of Spill Containment?

All of BMP Store's spill containment equipment is regulated to match EPA standards. We offer absorbents and containment devices that are specifically designed for these purposes. If there is a need for further information, then feel free to contact us at 800.644.9223. or send an email to