Pop Up Pool - Plus (catch leaks)

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Product Information

The Pop Up Pool Plus is the most effective way to contain leaks and prevent environmental damage. It is a compact solution that serves as a catch-all spill response device. The Pop Up Pool Plus is similar to the Pop Up Pool in design and features an additional bladder compartment that automatically expands to fit excess water.

The bladder helps to minimize potential spillage or exposure of hazardous materials into the environment. It acts as a comprehensive safeguard that reduces the risk of runoff and inlet pollution. 

The bladder also allows for further usage applications, allowing a user to contain small, medium, and large-sized leaks and spills. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Color: Yellow or Amber
  • Storage Capacity: 20 - 150 gallons of waste material
  • Weight: 2 - 4 pounds (depending on product size)

Additional Features: 

  • Effectively contains spills or leaks
  • Rolls out for easy installation
  • It can be folded or stored virtually anywhere
  • Various product sizes for many project needs
  • Constructed of solid polyethylene material
  • Meets EPA and SPCC Container Storage Regulations

Usage Instructions

Unroll the product below the location where the spill is occurring. The product's bladder section will unravel once filled with material. 

Cleaning is simple; the product should be rinsed and wiped down at least every week. Material stored inside the product should be appropriately disposed of by following EPA regulations.


  • Damaged saddle tanks
  • Cross-over lines
  • Hazmat spills
  • Leaking containers, machinery, and piping

The Pop Up Pool is made of 10 ounces of polyethylene, making it resistant to various harmful chemicals.

The Pop Up Pool can catch waste materials such as:

  • Antifreeze
  • Acids
  • Caustics
  • Corrosives

Product Sizes

The Pop Up Pool fits various project needs, so it is available in several sizes. Larger-sized Pop Up Pools are intended for significant leaks, whereas smaller sizes work best for small or medium-sized leaks.

  • 20 Gallon: 18" x 58" x 5" when deployed
  • 66 Gallon: 60" x 58" x 5" when deployed
  • 150 Gallon: 144" x 58" x 5" when deployed

When our Pop Up Pool Plus deflates, it measures at a size of 4" x 4" x 18", making it easy to ship or transport. 

To make transport even easier, we also offer a Pop Up Pool Cab Mount Container, which will keep the Pop Up Pool safely stored but out of the way. 

Our Cab Mount Container is designed for easy storage behind the cab of a truck or construction vehicle. Like the Pop Up Pool Plus, the Cab Mount Container consists of durable, weather-resistant polyethylene.


Please review the local and federal regulations applicable to flammable liquids' storage and handling when using combustible materials. Flammable vapors, static discharge, and heat sources must be handled with caution, as they could potentially damage the polyethylene-based product. 

Polyethylene is a sturdy material; however, it is not compatible with all waste products. Be sure to determine which materials are present in the leak before purchasing. 

Using polyethylene with incompatible waste materials may cause the product to crack, swell, or damage the Pop Up Pool Plus. These issues could drastically reduce the lifespan of the Pop Up Pool Plus or reduce its efficiency. 

A user should limit exposure of the Pop Up Pool Plus to chemicals for only a few hours or a day at most. The product should be cleaned of any waste materials at least once a week to increase its longevity and effectiveness. Proper maintenance of the product will ensure that it prevents runoffs, leaks, or spills at a site or project. 

Exercise caution when cleaning or disposing of waste in the Pop Up Pool Plus. Be sure not to use the product for extended periods during weather of 100 F or greater. Such conditions could negatively impact the chemicals contained inside the product, resulting in potential spillage or damage. 

The BMP Store's Purpose

At the BMP Store, we provide equipment that preserves the environment and prevents contamination. Our Pop Up Pool Plus can help prevent leaks and inlet pollution if installed and maintained correctly.

All BMPs sold at The BMP Store follow EPA regulations. Since BMPs act as the last line of defense when a spill or accident occurs, our Pop Up Pool Plus can withstand chemical leaks and spills.

The BMP Store's BMPs are safe, efficient and offer projects and sites the continuous protection they need from equipment leaks or spills. Everything listed on our website meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations, including our inlet protection products. Our BMPs will offer the protection required to prevent pollution and water contamination.

Looking for Different Ways to Prevent Runoff?

All of The BMP Store's runoff and pollution prevention equipment is regulated to meet EPA standards. We also offer GutterBuddies and Dirtbag Dewatering Bags, Siltsacks, along with our regular Pop Up Pools. If further information is required, please contact us at 800.644.9223, or email us at info@bmpstore.com

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