TrashGuard Plus®

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Product Information

TrashGuard Plus® is a patented stormwater pretreatment device that captures debris, sediment, and floatables. It offers advanced inlet protection, acting as an effective last line of defense for storm drains and sewers.

Made of 100% High-density polyethylene (HDPE), this product is versatile and practical. It has been designed to fit and retrofit a multitude of catch basin drainage systems. TrashGuard Plus® can be added to drainage pipes of up to 24" in diameter, which can prevent waterway pollution in various scenarios.

Easy to install and maintain, TrashGuard Plus® will help reduce maintenance costs throughout a drainage system's lifespan. The product is designed to fit most sewage and drainage systems, making it an efficient way to prevent contamination. Additionally, it is a fraction of other systems' cost, which makes it a cost-effective solution for inlet protection.


Product Features

  • They are designed for usage with discharge pipes 24" in diameter or less.
  • Each screen inside the product can be adjusted at installation.
  • Screens accommodate low flow stormwater events of 10cfs or more.
  • Can retrofit to an existing catch basin.
  • The product adjusts to irregular catch basin bottoms and walls.
  • It helps to eliminate stormwater trash in public parks, beaches, and inlets.
  • An optional bottom plate is available for rounded bottom sewage systems.
  • Optional retaining rails are available for efficient plate removal.
  • The product comes in color black.
  • It is made of 100% HDPE.


Sizing and Selection

TrashGuard Plus® comes in several configurations, designed for most types of storm drains and catch basins. The BMP Store's selection of products is designed to make the process of choosing a unit simple.

The first factor for choosing TrashGuard Plus®  hinges on the overall size of the product is. The second variable depends on whether or not your project does or does not require a bottom plate. The last factor depends on whether or not a project requires rails. 

These choices are indicated in the dropdown product menu above.


Installation Instructions

Before installation, a hydraulic calculation is advised. This calculation will determine the maximum flow rate of the catch basin. 

The flow rate is dependent on the depth of the catch basin and the size of the device. After this model is complete, it will detail the maximum flow rate with varying trash buildup degrees, determining the drainage area required to support the calculated flow rate.

The model can be adjusted to fit a variety of different setups. It works with flat-bottom and rounded bottom catch basins, allowing a team to determine flow rate before installation quickly. These calculations make the installation process more straightforward, as they allow teams to learn the best configuration before installing the product. 

TrashGuard Plus® can be installed in many catch basin and field conditions, giving it the versatility required for many projects.

Installation of the product is simple- mount it on the catch basin wall. It must be centered over the outlet pipe to ensure proper functioning.


Cleaning Instructions

Cleanup and maintenance mostly hinge on the local laws in the area the device is being installed. Generally, we recommend our customers clean the TrashGuard Plus® every three months to ensure proper functioning. 

Additionally, after significant weather events, the product should be cleaned to ensure that it has not accumulated excess trash. After such circumstances, a thorough inspection is recommended to check up on the device's health.



Improper installation or maintenance of the TrashGuard Plus® might result in the stormwater drainage system's clogging and increase the risk of flooding in times of heavy rainfall. To prevent flooding from occurring, clean TrashGuard Plus® at least four times a year. 

In areas with more sediment buildup, vegetation, or litter, the TrashGuard Plus® should be cleaned more frequently. Please contact The BMP Store with any questions about the maintenance schedule or any device installation instructions.


The BMP Store's Purpose

At the BMP Store, we provide equipment that will help preserve the environment and prevent contamination. Our patented TrashGuard Plus® can help prevent storm drain and catch basin pollution if installed and maintained correctly. 

All BMPs sold at The BMP Store follow EPA regulations. Since BMPs act as the last line of defense when a spill or accident occurs, our TrashGuard Plus® is made to withstand trash buildup. 

The BMP Store's BMPs are safe, efficient and offer construction sites continuous protection from equipment leaks or spills. Everything provided on our site meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations, including our inlet protection products. Our BMPs will offer the protection required to prevent pollution and water contamination. 


Looking for Different Ways to Prevent Runoff?

All of The BMP Store's runoff and pollution prevention equipment is regulated to meet EPA standards. We offer our TrashGuard Plus® and Dirtbag Dewatering Bags, Siltsacks, and Pop Up Pools. If further information is required, please contact us at 800.644.9223, or email us at