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While temporary inlet filters like silt sacks or grate gators are often used on jobsites to protect bodies of water during periods of sediment displacement (ex: construction projects), permanent stormwater filtration devices are necessary to meet city, county, state and other EPA codes and regulations. Various cities have now put different levels of green infrastructure or low impact development initiatives in place to do their part in protecting the environment, making these devices even more critical. 

When choosing a permanent device, it is important to consider the following: 

Type of device

  • Is a permanent solution required?
  • What size and type of inlet is the device needed for (drop inlet vs curb inlet)?

Construction / Filtration

  • Does the device filter out and capture the required or desired pollutants or debris? 
  • If the device has an aluminum frame, is it able to adequately support a full filter bag without bending or breaking (dumping the captured sediment into the drain)?
  • Does the device come in the required size? 
  • Is the device approved by local agencies? 
  • Has the product been tested? 
  • Is the device easy to install?


  • What is the required maintenance timeline for the device? 
  • What is the maintenance process for the device? 
  • Can the device be easily removed from the desired drains? 

For an example of why considering maintenance in advance is important when choosing a permanent product, click here to read a helpful case study on a custom product our team designed to resolve maintenance safety and effectiveness concerns. 

Our team is experienced and well versed in permanent filtration options in different cities and localities. If you have questions about which product may be right for you, or want to work with our design team on a custom solution, reach out to our team at or 800-644-9223 for assistance.

Permanent (Post-Construction) BMPs

Our permanent BMPs are designed for post-construction protection of storm drains and catch basins to filter out trash, sediment, debris and other pollutants. Various products are available, each with different filtration capabilities. If you are looking for a more complex solution to filter out bacteria, nutrients or dissolved metals, visit for additional permanent inlet protection options or reach out to our team for assistance.

Permanent Drop Inlet Protection

Gratemaster is a permanent drop inlet protection device that comes in multiple sizes and includes a durable adjustable aluminum frame for installation flexibility. This proven BMP captures sediment, trash and debris in its specially crafted filter bag. This filter bag snaps in and out easily to simplify maintenance processes.

For businesses or municipalities worried about hydrocarbons, X-Tex strips can be attached to the unit to help absorb the pollutants as they pass through the device.

Permanent Curb Inlet Protection

Cubmaster is a permanent curb inlet protection filtration device that includes a heavy-duty mesh capable of supporting heavy-flow events. This device installs against the curb and acts as a barrier to any trash or debris washing into the drain. While this device is easy to install, as with any curb inlet device, regular maintenance after storm events is critical to eliminate future flooding from clogged curb inlet devices. 

Permanent Protection Screen Installed Directly in the Catch Basin

Trash Guard Plus is a unique permanent inlet protection screen device that installs directly in the body of the catch basin. This device traps and filters solid materials and floatables out of stormwater runoff without affecting water flow. Three screen sizes are available for use with discharge pipes less than 24” in diameter and can be adjusted at installation to accommodate low flow stormwater events of 10 cfs or more. For help selecting the best size, reach out to our team for assistance. 


As with any inlet protection device, temporary or permanent, following the recommended maintenance schedule and checking the devices after heavy storm events is critical to their success. Any inlet protection device that is not properly maintained may become damaged or clogged, causing additional unnecessary concerns. For questions on appropriate maintenance schedules, reach out to our team for assistance. 


Many of our products are DOT, state and/or locally approved by governing regulatory agencies. For information on which products are approved in your area, email us at


If you need any assistance choosing a permanent BMP for your stormwater drainage system or are interested in talking to our engineering and design team about custom options, reach out to our team at (800) 644-9223 or 

Please note that due to the fact that some of our products are large in size or heavy-weight, we may require the order placed over the phone in order to assist you in obtaining the least expensive shipping (often by freight). We apologize for any inconvenience - but, we want to make this purchase as cost-effective as possible for you.