Inlet Protection

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Inlet or catch basin filtration devices are critical to meeting SWPPPs (Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans) and are required per many local stormwater regulations both during and post-construction. These devices are designed to quickly remove stormwater from streets, parking lots, and/or drainage areas - filtering our sediment, trash, bacteria, and other pollutants. These pollutants can clog the stormwater drainage systems resulting in unnecessary flooding in addition to polluting our waters.

BMP Store offers temporary BMPs for use during construction and permanent devices for post-construction needs to help meet city green infrastructure initiatives. The devices provide both above and below the grate drop inlet filtration as well as curb inlet filtration and are constructed from high quality permeable geotextile fabrics.

As we have a manufacturing facility in Richmond, VA, and an engineering team on hand, we are also able to produce custom sizes and products to meet your needs. Questions? Please reach out to our team at or 800-644-9223.

Temporary (Construction Phase) BMPs

Temporary inlet protection products are often used to meet stormwater regulations on construction sites. The design of these BMPs is critical to ensure they are able to do their job during heavy storm events without backing up and flooding jobsites.

Siltsacks are a below the grate drop inlet filter bag and one of our most popular sellers. These temporary filter bags can be easily removed and re-used throughout the life of a project (as long as they are emptied at regular intervals and properly maintained). 

In addition, some of our other top sellers include our GrateGator above-grate drop inlet filtration device, our GutterBuddy curb inlet device, and our GutterGator low-profile curb inlet filtration device. 

Permanent (Post-Construction) BMPs

Our permanent inlet protection products are designed to help meet city-wide green infrastructure requirements, SWPPPs, the Clean Water Act, and other local municipal regulations. These devices are made with high-quality permeable geotextiles, are easy to install, and when maintained at regular intervals - are designed to provide lasting protection from sediment-laden runoff.

Gratemaster is our popular permanent drop inlet protection products for use post-construction. This device features an adjustable frame allowing for a simpler installation and removable filters. In cases where hydrocarbons are a concern, X-TEX strips can be attached to the unit to absorb the pollutants as stormwater passes through the device. Curbmaster is our permanent curb inlet protection device and features a heavy-duty high-flow mesh and built-in overflow.  

In addition, we also offer a permanent screen (Trash Guard Plus) that is installed underground and can, therefore, be used for both drop inlets and curb inlets. This device comes in multiple sizes and can be used in existing or newly formed catch basins that utilize discharge pipes of 24” or less in diameter.


We highly suggest following recommended maintenance schedules and monitoring the BMPs, especially after heavy storm events. Higher than normal amounts of runoff can create the need for increased maintenance. Any inlet protection device that is not properly maintained may become damaged or clogged, causing unnecessary concerns. 


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