Truck Tarp - 7' x 15'

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Product Information


Product Information:

Lightweight dump truck tarps for your hauling needs!

Our truck tarps are made out of woven shade cloth fabric and offer permeability while holding any type of load. These tarps are ideal for hauling a variety of different materials. This includes gravel, trash, debris, fill dirt, sand, mulch, wood chips, and more.
We offer truck tarps in many sizes to accommodate a variety of truck bed sizes.

Custom sizes are available. Please contact us if you need a size not offered above. 

When you are trying to find a tarp that is affordable and effective, then BMP store has options for you that will be exactly what you need. Our dump truck tarps are durable, easy to install, and easy to remove. 

Considering the sheer variety of items that trucks have to hold on to, we needed a tarp that was going to be able to help with holding most loads while also being durable. These truck tarps aren’t going to fall apart after a single use making them perfect for any re-usable type of project. 

This durability also means you will not need to worry about spending money on these very often. When it is time to replace it, the reasoning will be due to constant use from many projects. Exactly what you should be looking for when making this kind of purchase.

If you’re unsure of what kind of project our truck tarps will be useful for, then look at the kind of material that can be held in them. They include:

  • Gravel
  • Trash
  • Debris
  • Fill Dirt
  • Sand

Obviously, the size of what we are carrying is of no concern. Whether it’s something thick like woodchips or something with the potential to slide around and cause problems, such as gravel, the truck tarps here at BMP are specifically designed to keep them in place. 

Don’t allow yourself any worries when it comes to size, either. Our truck tarps are made to fit the vast majority of trucks carrying the above mentioned materials. If you have a truck that does not fit one of the sizes given, you should consider investing in a custom sized truck tarp. Please contact us directly if you decide you need one.

Some Truck Tarp Related Questions

While most of our customers come to us with an idea of what kind of Truck Tarp they would like to get, we do receive a handful of questions pretty often. Some of the questions we sometimes see when we’re being asked about our Truck Tarps are in relation to:

  • Size
  • Effectiveness
  • Purpose

This is why we design our truck tarp to be something that can handle multiple kinds of materials. Thanks to its durability and reusability, you receive a tarp that is going to be able to be used for multiple projects containing multiple materials.


The size of the tarp is really dependent on the dump truck itself. We offer sizes anywhere from 12’x26’ to 7’x15’. If these, or nothing in between, fits your size, then feel free to contact us and ask for customization options. We are always working with our clients to ensure that they can get a tarp that will fit their project.


Our tarps are extremely effective. Ideal for hauling different materials like gravel, trash, debris, and fill dirt. You won’t need to worry about turning around to see that half of what you have been transporting spilled out alongside the road while you were driving down the interstate. 


The purpose of these truck tarps is largely dependent on the projects themselves, but they’re traditionally used to keep debris like items from spilling out of dump trucks as they drive along the road. BMP truck tarps come with the added benefit of durability, giving them a purpose beyond one project. Your purpose for buying one of these truck tarps may be to have something that is reliable and long lasting. Others will be seeking something that can just get the job done.

Contact BMP

At BMP Store, we are innovative, adaptable, and everything we make is made in the USA. Everything we provide is intended to follow Best Management Practices and will be of major value on any project. 

If you are in need of customized truck tarps or other Best Management Practice items such as Inlet protection, spill containment, or sediment control, then be sure to contact us at BMP store. We can not only provide exactly what you are looking for but can point you in the right direction of what will fit best for the project you are working on.

Remember, BMP’s are not an option. They are REQUIRED by law. So stick with someone that understands the rules and regulations better than anyone. Stick with BMP Store.

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