The Dirtbag: One of the Most Effective Filter Bags Available

Constructed from nonwoven geotextile, the dirtbag is one of the most effective water permeable sediment traps, perfect for containment of silt, sand and debris during dewatering processes. The inlet of these convenient and completely collapsible filter bags accommodates up to 6” for the discharge hose, with straps to securely hold the bag in place during dewatering. The non-woven materials of these sediment bags are effective at filtering even fine waterborne materials, allowing you to more reliably control sediment discharge. The dirtbag folds flat for easy transport to sites, and facilitates the dewatering of any pond, hole or sump safely into your drainage system.

Control Sediment Discharge Easily

The Dirtbag is made to help you control sediment discharge to prevent contamination of our most precious resource — water. At BMPstore.com, we’ve been selling the highest quality BMPs for years so you can meet state and federal regulations while protecting your waterways. Take a look around our store and you’re sure to find everything you need to prevent contamination of your waterways