Dirtbag Dewatering Bag

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Product Information

High-Quality Dewatering Bags

Dirtbag dewatering bags remove silt, sand, and other debris from pumped water. They easily attach to the pump discharge hose to protect the surrounding area from erosion, sediment displacement, and pollution of receiving water and storm sewers.

Each standard Dirtbag has a fill spout large enough to accommodate a 4” discharge hose and includes sewn-in attachment straps. To increase the effectiveness of Dirtbag’s filtration system, ACF Environmental recommends placing the product on a bed of hay bales or aggregate. This maximizes water flow through the surface area of the bag. Under most circumstances, Dirtbags can pass 500 gallons of water/minute. Dirtbag dewatering bags are full when they no longer can efficiently filter sediment or pass water at a reasonable rate.

**Disclaimer: Dirtbags must be monitored at all times during use (over-filling may cause rupture)**


  • Size: multiple, custom available upon request
  • Material: heavy-duty non-woven geotextiles (resistant to UV damage)
  • Added feature: 4" discharge hose connection (hose not included)
  • Color: black

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    Most project sites require some form of dewatering. Dewatering is the process of pumping sediment-laden groundwater or surface water that has collected on construction sites through a geotextile bag to filter out clean water while trapping dirt, sediment, silt, and more in the bag. By following this process, surrounding streams, storm sewers, and other receiving waters are protected from pollution and erosion concerns are minimized. 

    When dewatering is taking place you need to have a location for all of that water. Many sites pump that water out from the project site and into nearby lakes, ponds, or drains. This is the major purpose of a dewatering bag.

    When you have a dewatering bag on-site you are using it for the purposes of:

    • Containing silt and other debris
    • Preventing erosion
    • Help keep our drinking water clean

    It’s important to remember there are times where you do not want to use a dewatering bag such as when the water has been contaminated with oil or grease. For that kind of situation, you will want to use something like a sharkboom or oil blanket.

    BMP’s Dirtbag Dewatering Bags

    The Dirtbag Dewatering Bag is available in various sizes and includes a fill spout meant to accommodate a 4” discharge hose as well as straps to prevent any pumped water from escaping. 

    Dirtbag Dewatering bags are most effective when placed over a palette or bed of hay to maximize the exposed surface area and thus water flow. As with any dewatering bag, Dirtbags must be monitored at all times during use to avoid overfilling (overfilling can lead to rupture). 

    When these bags rupture it leads to a bigger problem than what was originally there. You not only have silt and other debris mixed in with one another but now it’s all pouring out into an area it shouldn’t be. 

    This product is “Made in America” - in our Richmond, VA manufacturing facility. Custom sizes are available. Please contact us for more information. 

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    Need Something Different?

    Does a Dewatering bag not fit the project you’re working on? We offer other sediment containment options such as

    These products may better fit your sediment control needs. We also offer options for spill containment and inlet protection.

    If what you are seeking at BMP Store is not available then you can always try ACF Environmental!