Rockin Filter

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Product Information

The RockIn Filter is a 6' high-flow geosynthetic curb inlet filter. This unit is 9" in diameter and is fully capable of protecting curb inlets from sediment and debris. 

The RockIn Filter consists of a heavy-duty geosynthetic grid, which helps keep inlets safe from high-flow events. 

The product comes ready to use out of the box. It can be filled with aggregate, sealed, and put into place. We recommend filling the unit with #57, #67, or #68 stone, along with any Department of Transportation (DOT) approved mulch. 

If none of these materials are available, a user can fill the product with any high-filtration aggregate. 

We also recommend regular cleaning and inspecting this product between uses. This inspection ensures that ponding will not occur inside the product's filter. A broom can brush any sediment or debris off the filter, whereas a shovel can scoop out litter and clear the area. 

Since this product consists of high-visibility polypropylene material, it is easy to inspect and clean. Sediment and debris are easy to see and remove from the product.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Monofilament geotextile fabric shell with an internal polypropylene filter
  • Color: Neon green
  • Quantity: 1 per order

Product Sizes

This product comes in a standard size of 6' long and 9" in diameter. 

We recommend that users size their products appropriately. The RockIn Filter should be 6" longer than the curb inlet in each direction. This measurement ensures that the unit will function properly. 

Additional Features

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-visibility neon color
  • Easy assembly
  • Reusable after cleaned
  • Easy to clean

Usage Instructions

Installation of the RockIn Filter is relatively straightforward. There are no tools required for assembly. 

A user can install the RockIn Filter in three easy steps:

1. Fill

The user fills the RockIn Filter with an aggregate material. The product does not ship with the aggregate, so the user is responsible for gathering these materials. 

We recommend using #57, #67, and #68 stone aggregate or any DOT-approved product. The product works best with high-filtration aggregate materials.

2. Seal

Sealing the RockIn Filter is easy; push together the Velcro flaps. After this, the product has been effectively closed. 

3. Place

Once the product is filled and sealed, it is ready for placement. Remember only to place the RockIn Filter in front of curb inlets 6" shorter on both sides. This measurement ensures that no sediment or debris will enter the storm drain.


The RockIn Filter is ideal for preventing storm drain runoff. It prevents potential inlet pollution by acting as a curb filter. Freshwater can pass through, while the durable polypropylene filter stops harmful chemicals and pollutants.

The RockIn Filter is ideal for:

  • Protecting storm drains from runoff
  • Non-flammable hazardous material protection
  • Projects where runoffs and spills may occur


This product contains a monofilament geotextile shell with a polypropylene internal filter. Use caution when using flammable materials around this product, as these materials are flammable.

The monofilament geotextile used in the RockIn Filter consists of polypropylene. Polypropylene is a flammable substance, so it should never contact open flames or explosive materials.

Polypropylene is highly durable; however, it is not compatible with all types of waste products. Be sure to determine which materials a project will utilize before purchasing the RockIn Filter.

Using polypropylene with incompatible waste materials may cause the product to crack, tear, or swell. Incorrect usage could drastically reduce the lifespan of the RockIn Filter, reducing the product's runoff prevention capabilities as well.

Before starting a project, a user should thoroughly inspect the RockIn Filter for any wear or damage signs. Between projects, the RockIn Filter should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Debris and sediment should be removed from the product between projects to ensure it maintains its intended lifespan.

If left in the sunlight continuously, the product's monofilament geotextile shell has a lifespan of around two years. To increase the lifespan of the RockIn Filter, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry location. Before a user places the RockIn Filter in storage, the product should be rinsed and brushed until clean. 

The BMP Store's Purpose

At the BMP Store, we provide equipment that preserves the environment and prevents contamination. Our RockIn Filter can help avoid spills and inlet pollution if installed and maintained correctly.

All BMPs sold at The BMP Store follow EPA regulations. Since BMPs act as the last line of defense when a spill or accident occurs, our RockIn Filter can withstand chemical and waste runoff.

The BMP Store's BMPs are safe, efficient and offer projects and sites the continuous protection they need from equipment leaks or spills. Everything listed on our website meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations, including our inlet protection products. Our BMPs will offer the protection required to prevent pollution and water contamination.

Looking for Different Ways to Prevent Runoff?

All of The BMP Store's runoff and pollution prevention equipment is regulated to meet EPA standards. We also offer GrateGators, EconoCurbs, and Gutterbuddies, along with our RockIn Filter products. If further information is required, please contact us at 800.644.9223, or email us at

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