Gutterbuddy (1 bundle of 10)

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Gutterbuddy filtration devices are used for inlet protection and effectively prevent sediment, debris, and other pollutants from entering stormwater systems or other areas that channel water runoff. Their filtering action lets water freely flow through the fibrous material while stopping sediment and debris. Each filter comes with a stake hole at each end and has bendable steel in the middle of the fabric that allows it to conform to all types of curb inlets/storm drains.

Gutterbuddy Curb Inlet Filter - Features

  • Manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers
  • 9" in diameter
  • Reusable
  • Should be a minimum of 1' longer than curb opening on either side
  • Should be inspected and cleaned regularly and after every major weather event

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BMP’s Gutterbuddy is a curb inlet filter that is 9” in diameter and comes in various lengths. This device includes a fibrous filtration media made from recycled synthetic fibers allowing it to filter out sediment and other pollutants, 

Install the Gutterbuddy inlet filter by simply laying the device in front of the curb inlet with a minimum of 1 foot extra on each side to protect from dirty runoff seeping through and with the overflows parallel to the curb surface.

The Gutterbuddy is a popular option for anyone that is looking for a simple and easy curb inlet product for their project. Thanks to its easy to install and easy to break down nature it can be applied to most projects where you need a curb inlet protection device.

Where You May See A Gutterbuddy

The Gutterbuddy inlet filter may be multi-project use, but how it is used is very standard. You will almost always see it laid out in front of a curb inlet to help prevent sediment and debris from entering the stormwater drains. 

You will often see Gutterbuddy’s on projects where a curb inlet protection device is only needed for a temporary period of time. Such as construction repair projects. This is largely due to them being so easy to add to a project. You simply lay it out and then pick it up when you are finished with the project. If you’re on a project where the majority of the debris you’re attempting to contain is related to branches, leaves, and other debris then this is perfect for you.

Gutterbuddy’s Are Easy To Use

When you are in need of an inlet filter that can be set up quickly and removed just as fast then the Gutterbuddy is perfect because there aren’t any bells and whistles attached to it. It’s the go-to choice for anyone that wants something a little more low maintenance. 

The only time you will ever need to really be concerned with your Gutterbuddy is after a large storm. While you should always check on your Gutterbuddy after a few months or so, just to make sure nothing has been damaged and for general maintenance, you should always clean it after large storms. This will ensure you get the maximum amount of use from your Gutterbudy inlet filter.

Our Gutterbuddy’s are reusable allowing them to be available for multiple projects once they have been cleaned and checked for damages. If you are finding that your Gutterbuddy is not handling the flow of water well then you may want to seek out one of our superflow options.

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Need Something Different?

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