Absorbent Mats and Oil Absorbing Pads Can Make a Difference

There are few contaminants that pose a bigger threat to both human life and wildlife than oil. The best way to mitigate the damage from an oil spill of any size is to work with absorbent materials and pads that can soak the substance out of the water.

When a small oil spill needs to be quickly cleaned up and contained, our absorbent mats and oil pads can make a big difference in a small amount of time. These high-quality products are built to quickly absorb oil and prevent it from contaminating the surrounding area. When they’re placed into action, they absorb and trap oil in order to purify any water source.

Use Oil Containing Booms For Larger Spills

For larger spills, oil containment booms can trap the oil in a small area and make it easier to fully treat, filter and purify the water so that wildlife can continue to thrive. With a broad selection of different boom types and compositions, professionals can easily find what they need. We urge anyone facing an oil containment problem to get in touch right away and enlist the support of these and other absorbent products. The best method for mitigating the damage of oil spills, however, is to make the products you find in this section an integral part of your SPCC plans. Be prepared when a spill occurs.